Workshop with actors
Actors read and discuss plays by students in a workshop at The Writer's Center. Pictured from left: Raven Bonniwell, Chris Herring, David Zimmerman and Amy McWilliams.

Dialogue for Writers

Dialogue is the playwright’s primary tool for conveying a story that ultimately becomes a visual, aural and emotional experience for an audience. But dialogue also features in poetry, screenplays, fiction and even non-fiction. In this workshop, we will explore dialogue through exercises and close readings of various published work, in the context of scene structure, character, exposition and the craft that actors and directors use to bring dialogue to life on the stage and screen. Whether you are just starting out in creative writing, or a writer looking to sharpen your understanding and skills, this workshop will help demystify dialogue and provide an opportunity to apply insights to your own writing, regardless of genre. Weekly meetings will include discussions, exercises and reading selections from work generated by the workshop.