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Short Plays

Title Genre Cast Size
Iddy & O One Act with Music 9
A different take on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, this play takes a fun look at what happens when Orpheus descends into Hades to reclaim his love.
Title Genre Cast Size
The Commission One Act 2 F / 3 M
As CC works to complete a sculpture she has been commissioned to do, she struggles to deal with pressures around her, both real and unreal. The trick is differentiating between the real and the unreal.

This one-act is a version of the full-length play, Sandcastles.
Title Genre Cast Size
The Chicken in the Family TYA Musical 4 F / 1 M
Being the youngest in the family is tough enough, but when Henrietta’s oldest sister Kim convinces her that she’s really a chicken instead of a human being, poor Henrietta goes into full panic mode. Read more

Co-written with Mary Amato, award-winning author, poet, playwright and songwriter. Based on her picture book The Chicken of the Family (Penguin Putnam 2008).
Title Genre Cast Size
Shalimar One Act 2 F / 1 M
Ellen's daughter, Gina, rushes from school abroad to her grandmother's apartment to help make funeral arrangements and begin the task of cleaning up and making decisions about her grandmother's belongings. Gina's romantic and sentimental inclinations clash with her mother's more pragmatic approach as she turns to memories of her grandfather and his stories to defend her position.
Title Genre Cast Size
Elegy One Act 1 F (Latina) / 1 M (any race)
Clemencia is getting married and she visits an old friend who has withdrawn from life to live an austere life in a monastary. She comes to ask a simple favor, but is that really all?
Title Genre Cast Size
Loops One Act 3 W / 1 M
Gertrude ia an aging woman who only wants to listen to her radio and be left alone, but she is pestered by a caretaker, a little girl and a man who keeps playing the harmonica and talking to her.