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Full Length Plays

Title Genre Cast Size
The Attic Drama 2 M / 3 F
Set in post World War II era and the year 2000, this play explores the lives of two generations of the Worgan family. After the death of World War II veteran, Alfred Worgan, in 2000, Franco grapples with the loss of this man who was his friend and neighbor, while Alfred's daughter comes to clear the house out. In 1945, the Worgan family grapples with the return of their son who spends all his time up in the attic listening to music. Choices made resonate from one generation to another as Franco tries to make sense of it all.
Dubliners in Exile Drama 2 M / 2 F
Inspired by the works and life of James Joyce, the action takes place shortly after Joyce's death, where he tries to make sense of fragments of his life as he goes about writing his next opus after finishing Finnegans Wake. The play explores the potential irony that his death causes him similar confustions that his readers have faced reading his works.
The Migrant Drama 2 M / 2 F (1 Hispanic)
Joseph is an elderly widower determined to maintain his independence as his son, Jeremy, is equally determined to look out for his father and the estate.
Persephone: A Burlesque Musical 3 M / 2 F / 1 Gender Neutral
Persephone, queen of the underworld, sets out to prove to her husband that love is greater than death in this burlesque-style play based on characters from Greek mythology. Original music by Mark Haag.
Quartet Lyrical Drama 3 M / 1 F
Charles revisits life choices as he attends a reunion with old friends who live in a cottage in Nova Scotia.
Monkeyboy Comedy 2 M / 2 F
A cockatiel with turrets drive his owners crazy to the point that they will do anything to get rid of him. Co-written with Keith Bridges and Chris Stezin.
The Silence of Other Voices Poetic Drama 3 M / 2 F
Don has retreated to a reclusive life in the country with his protective secretary in order to convalesce and write. The persistant intrusion of a young woman plunges him into the world of his own characters and his own past that threatens his recovery.