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Full Length Plays

Title Genre Cast Size
The Migrant Drama 2 M / 2 F (1 Hispanic)
Joseph is an elderly widower determined to maintain his independence as his son, Jeremy, is equally determined to look out for his father and the estate.
Persephone: A Burlesque Musical 3 M / 2 F / 1 Gender Neutral
Persephone, queen of the underworld, sets out to prove to her husband that love is greater than death in this burlesque-style play based on characters from Greek mythology. Original music by Mark Haag.
Quartet Lyrical Drama 3 M / 1 F
Charles revisits life choices as he attends a reunion with old friends who live in a cottage in Nova Scotia.
Monkeyboy Comedy 2 M / 2 F
A cockatiel with turrets drive his owners crazy to the point that they will do anything to get rid of him. Co-written with Keith Bridges and Chris Stezin.
The Silence of Other Voices Poetic Drama 3 M / 2 F
Don has retreated to a reclusive life in the country with his protective secretary in order to convalesce and write. The persistant intrusion of a young woman plunges him into the world of his own characters and his own past that threatens his recovery.