The Chicken of the Family

Being the youngest in the family is tough enough, but when Henrietta’s oldest sister Kim convinces her that she’s really a chicken instead of a human being, poor Henrietta goes into full panic mode. She runs away to the farm to find her “real” family. What she discovers there helps her to turn the tables on her mean sisters and overcome her worst fears.

Co-written with Mary Amato, award-winning author, poet, playwright and songwriter. Based on her picture book The Chicken of the Family (Penguin Putnam 2008).

Permissions/royalities: Royalty waived for school productions; sliding-scale royalty for professional theatres.

For more information or to read a copy of the script/score, please contact the authors:

info at maryamato dot com
Genre Length Cast Size Age Level
Children's Musical One Act. approx. 45 min 4 F / 1 M 4 and up
Production History
- Production, Professional, Charter Theatre, April, 2008

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