Persephone: A Burlesque

Persephone Publicity Shot
Photography by Keith Bridges Media
When Persephone sets out to prove to her husband that love is greater than death, she sets in motion a series of events that quickly grow beyond her control. Based on characters from Greek mythology, including Hades, Eurydice, Orpheus and Aristeous, the story unfolds in a Vaudevillian/Burlesque style, and at the same time evokes the Italian Burlesque notion of poking fun at serious and tragic topics.

Book by Richard C. Washer and music by Mark Haag.
Genre Length Cast Size Age Level
Musical Full-length 3M / 2F / 1 Gender Neutral All ages
Production History
- Reading, First Draft at the Rose Theatre Company, 2018
- Reading, Kennedy Center Page to Stage Festival, 2015, under the title of Iddy & O
- Commissioned by the Rose Theatre Company, 2015, under the title of Iddy & O

Listen to selections from a recent reading of Persephone: A Burlesque presented by First Draft at the Rose Theatre Company:

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